Frequently Asked Questions

1. For bespoke items, what kind of thread do you use?
We use linen, polyester, or nylon thread; it depends on the project. For example, if it requires a lot of weight holding, we use polyester because it is much stronger than naturally spun linen thread.

2. For bespoke items, what kind of leather do you use?
It depends on the projects, but we use very fine leathers from France, Italy, and United States of America. Most of selected leathers are vegetable-tanned leather and mix of chrome and vegetable tanned leather; both are frequently used in high fashion house. 

3. For bespoke items, what is the difference between nylon/polyester to linen thread?
Nylon or polyester thread is man-made synthetic, whereas linen thread is spun from natural fibers obtained from flax plants. Linen thread offers beautiful vibrant sheen that no other thread type can offer; we use this thread primarily.

4. Bespoke leathergoods lead time is  2 - 8 weeks, why?
All of our bespoke products are handmade-to-order. Each panels and pockets are hand selected, then cut, assembled, and hand-stitch together; only the best and highest quality. At times if we have an increased workload, we have to adjust our lead time accordingly.  Our lead times can be anywhere between 2 - 8 weeks (from smaller items to large items) and this depends on the amount of work that we have at the time of your purchase. Please check Q & A page.

5. For bespoke items, can I get a personalization done?
Initial of your name can be personalized and it is complementary, 1 - 3 characters only. 4 + characters $10 - $30. Please let us know the specific location of personalization so that we can cater to your desire.

6. I would like no logo on my item for my bespoke item, is it possible?
Yes, absolutely! Please let us know so that we can cater to your desire.

7. How long would it take to receive my order(s)?
It takes 3 business days for processing. The bespoke items are ship from Temecula California; 3-7 business days. Other items are ship from China and warehouses in U.S will takes about 7 - 14 business days. For busy holiday seasons, it will take 15-25 days; packages may dispatched from multiple locations. 


More about Shipping:

1. ePacket

Economy & Fast Shipping by China Post, it upgraded its shipping from China Post, getting much faster. It sends out from china in 3 - 5 workdays and then hands to the Post Office in the destination country to deliver to the door, such as USPS in the USA, Royal Mail in the UK, Australia Post in Australia, etc.

Generally, it claims to deliver in 2 weeks for main cities over the world, but we suggest expecting 15 -25 days as a lot of factors will affect the delivery time, including warehouse overstock, the Custom check, climate. So we don't recommend using ePacket in any order over USD$200.

Available countries

United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, France, Norway, Israel, Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, HongKong


The United States only, we provide USPS direct shipping, it will first ship to US logistic dispatch center (west or east coast, according to your address) in 1-3 days, then ship by USPS to your address in 2 - 4 business days.

3. Australia Post

Australia only, we provide Australia direct shipping, it will first ship to the Australia logistic dispatch center in 1-3 days, then ship by Australia Post to your address in 2 - 4 business days.

4. LA Poste

France only ( Not available for the overseas or military province, zip code starts from 97, 98, 99, 00100, 00200 or the address has armee,  armée), we provide French Post direct shipping, it will first ship to France logistic dispatch center in 1-3 days, then ship by USPS to your address in 2 - 4 business days.

5. DHL

We choose DHL as our shipping partner for its safe, fast service, now the DHL rates are around 40% - 60% off from the regular shipping price. Generally, it delivers in 3 - 7 workdays for main cities over the world.

Please note: for the address regarded as "Remote address" by the DHL, they will charge a Remote Address fee. To check whether your address is a remote address, please check.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. Thanks!